Labview VIs

Use the data from FROGscan in real-time with other software
Do you need to use the data from FROGscan in real-time with other software or monitor the output in a data log for device/experiment characterization? We supply LabView VIs for monitoring VideoFROGscan’s output.
LabView Pulse Parameter Display Block Diagram

Need more than what VideoFROG can offer?
Need to log pulse width or examine laser stability?

Well, we cannot anticipate your needs, but we did anticipate that you will probably want to do more than what we could include in VideoFROG. That’s why we incorporated a convenient LabView interface to the output for VideoFROG.

Priced at just $549.95.

Several LabView VIs are available for plotting and monitoring pulse parameters. Update rates can be adjusted as well as the plots. The VIs are intended to be easily understood and easily modified for your particular application.

The VIs use a Windows DLL to link into a memory-mapped file used for interprocess communication within VideoFROGscan. The DLL comes with several LabView VI wrappers that are available for editing, and several “building block” VIs as well as example VIs are included. VIs to monitor pulse output are included as well as pulse parameters. The DLL can be used with other languages including C, C++, and Python. A C++ header file is included.