FROGscan Ultra

Our FROGscan Ultra system is the ultimate in value and versatility.
A single FROGscan Ultra device can use a variety of spectrometers that can provide wide wavelength range, high spectral resolution and over 75 dB of dynamic range. Wavelengths from 450 nm to > 4000 nm are within the reach of a single system. A zero-dispersion design allows pulses < 5 fs to be measured. Like the Standard, the Ultra measures highly complex pulses with ease.

FROGscan Ultra is a workhorse pulse measurement system. We designed and built it to be used day in and day out for all of your pulse measurement needs.

Whether you are tweaking up a laser system or measuring shaped pulses, FROGscan Ultra is your go-to pulse measurement system. What happens if you need a new wavelength? You simply change the SHG crystal and spectrometer to adapt it to your needs. Crystal changing requires no realignment; it is kinematically mounted and the software reads the crystal specifications. Need a 3000 nm pulse measured? Just pop in an AGS crystal and an Ocean Insight NIR Quest spectrometer. The same system can measure a 450 nm pulse—just replace the AGS crystal with BBO and change the spectrometer. Nothing to set in software or calibrations are needed. Need high spectral resolution? Use an HR2000+ spectrometer. Choose between two different FROGscan Ultra models depending on the shortest pulse you need to measure (<5fs or 10 fs).

Our FROGscan Ultra is pictured above. Your laser beam enters from the right through an alignment iris. Optional alignment cameras make aligning the system a snap. A beam splitter sends one pulse replica though a fixed delay. The other replica is sent to a high-speed, high accuracy optical delay line. Both beams are focused into a second harmonic generation crystal. The SHG signal from the pulse overlap region is spectrally resolved using an Ocean Insight spectrometer (HR2000+, HR4000, Maya Pro, QE Pro, NIR Quest or any with the same foot print). The software reads the spectrometer specifications from the spectrometer. The software is backwards compatible to older spectrometers.

Do not be fooled by its simplicity, however. Because of your seamless ability to change the time span of a scan, a single configuration of our FROGscan can replace 3 or more competing FROG devices. The added dynamic range of the 16-bit data acquisition allows highly structured pulses and high order phase distortions to be measured. Optional alignment cameras make system setup a snap. Option software controlled crystal tilt makes working with tunable laser sources trivial.

Our device can also accomplish measurements competing devices cannot do. For example, just try to measure a 10 fs laser pulse chirped to over 10 ps with competing FROG devices—or even just 200 fs. You can’t. The combination of the pulse length and the bandwidth cannot be handled by any device that uses the SHG crystal as the dispersive element. FROGscan makes such a measurement easy. Time scan ranges can be changed on the fly, and wavelength too – all by software control. USB connections to your computer are all that is required. Since the software is included, it is the best value available for pulse measurement.

What’s included:

FROGscan Data

FROG Scan Screen Captures of Shaped Pulses. The primary advantage of FROG Scan is that it combines the wide wavelength range needed to measure very short pulses, with the spectral resolution required to large, high order phase distortions and temporally long pulses.


VideoFROG Scan has versatile data acquisition, processing, and display. For ultrafast laser pulse measurement systems, the software is just as important as the hardware. VideoFROG Scan is the premier real-time FROG pulse measurement software available.

Other Accessories: