Our Autocorrelator incorporates data acquisition and software all in one easy to use package.
Our Autocorrelator is completely self-contained.  It incorporates data acquisition and software all in one easy to use package.  Measure a short pulse that has been chirped out to several picoseconds, and measure pulses as short as 12 fs in real-time.  Easily upgraded to a FROGscan if that is where you need to go.

Our Autocorrelator incorporates the same ruggedness and versatility of our FROGscan product line. We designed and built it to be used day in and day out for all of your pulse measurement needs.

Whether you are tweaking up a laser system or measuring shaped pulses, our Autocorrelator is just right for your needs. Like the FROGscan line, it comes with optional alignment cameras and software controlled crystal tilt. If you need a new wavelength, you simply change the crystal in our kinematic crystal mount. We use the same high quality voice coil, high-speed, high precision optical delay line as our FROGscan; 18-bit position precision—250 as!

Our Autocorrelator is pictured above. Your laser beam enters from the right through an alignment iris. Optional alignment cameras make aligning the system a snap. It has the same form factor as our FROGscan standard. If you need to make FROG measurements in the future, the system upgrades to a FROGscan by simply changing the detector and using our VideoFROGscan software.

Do not be fooled by its simplicity, however. Because of your seamless ability to change the time span of a scan, a single configuration of our Autocorrelator can replace 3 or more competing devices. The added dynamic range of the 18-bit data acquisition allows highly structured pulses and high dynamic range to be measured.

Different detectors are available including a silicon and InGaAs photodiodes and a silicon photomultiplier for high sensitivity. Time scan ranges can be changed on the fly, and wavelength too-all by software control. USB connections to your computer are all that is required. Since the software is included, it is the best value available for pulse measurement.